Briquette Wood Cubes RUF

Wood briquettes The RUF is a heavily compressed pure coniferous sawdust or leaf, without the addition of binding substances, with a practical and repeatable shape of the cube. For several years has enjoyed remarkable popularity among customers. Packed in foil welding bags of 10 kg, placed on pallet (96 packages, ie. 960 kg). Qualitative parameters:-calorific value: 18 000 kJ/kg; Humidity<10%; -=”” popiół:=””></10%;><0,5% ; – wymiar pojedynczego brykietu (dł. ;=”” -=”” wymiar=”” pojedynczego=”” brykietu=””></0,5% ; – wymiar pojedynczego brykietu (dł.> x W x Height): 150 mm x 60 mm x 90 mm; -Number of pieces per package: 12 pcs.